Front Office Upgrade

A medium sized Asset Manager wished to upgrade their portfolio management and trading system. They had skipped several years of upgrades and their current Production version was at End of Life.

This was complicated by years of extensive, mostly undocumented customisation, much of it soon to be unsupported in the new version, or no longer relevant. In addition, the business was also undergoing considerable structural changes, with extensive personnel movement and re-organisation of teams.

Liqueo reviewed the current status and worked with the business to create a new Target Operating Model, documenting the new streamlined workflows and assessing new teams’ roles and responsibilities. A new system architecture was also agreed upon with IT as part of the new TOM.

Existing interfaces were decommissioned and replaced with out-of-the-box feeds provided by the vendor, or rewritten more efficiently in-house. Consultants worked with in-house resources and external vendors throughout the implementation, delivering the project on time and on budget.